The People Who've Made It All Possible


(in order of appearance on this list)


 Post-doc Dan Kane

 Post-doc Ken DeLong

 Post-doc David Fittinghoff

 Post-doc Marco Krumbuegel

 Post-doc John Sweetser

 Post-doc Bruce Richman

 Post-doc Erik Zeek

 Post-doc Lin Xu

 Post-doc Saman Jafarpour

 Grad student Jason Bowie

 Grad student Patrick O’Shea

 Grad student Aparna Shreenath

 Grad student Xun Gu

 Grad student Selcuk Akturk

 Grad student Xuan Liu

 Grad student Pablo Gabolde

 Grad student Pam Bowlan

 Grad student Lina Xu

 Grad student Jake Cohen

 Grad student Dongjoo Lee

 Grad student Vikrant Chauhan

 Grad student Peter Vaughan

 Grad student Ziyang Wang

 Grad student Qiang Cao

 Grad student Kristan McGresham

 Grad student Neeraj Kothari

 Grad student Jeff Wong

 Grad student Justin Ratner

 Grad student Michelle Rhodes

 Grad student Patrick Gartland

Grad student Zhe Guang

 Grad student Antonio Consoli

Grad student Sylvain Le Liepvre

Grad student Travis Jones

Grad student Ping Zhu

Grad student Rana Jafari

 Undergrad Jianping Wu

 Undergrad Ashley Espy

 Undergrad Lisa Giuffre

 Undergrad Ausvin Intakanok

 Undergrad Tekle Ghebretnsae

 Undergrad Tahseen Kazi

 Undergrad Galadriel Billington

 Undergrad John D’Arcy

 Undergrad Stevie Smith

 Undergrad Jinhui Song

 Undergrad Shu Huang

 Undergrad Huifang Zhao

 Undergrad Ken Franklin

 Undergrad Jonathan Diaz

 Undergrad Ben Jones

Undergrad Chris Gilbert

Undergrad Conor Dunn

 Technician Mark Kimmel

 Technician Len Jusinski


This work was performed on location at Sandia National Laboratories and the Georgia Institute of Technology.


We thank our numerous collaborators and the DOE, DARPA, NSF, NASA, and the Georgia Research Alliance for financial support.


No atoms or molecules were harmed in the performance of this work.


But many zillions of photons were systematically annihilated for the good of science.


A  No Pulse Left Unmeasured production